DR GOODIS SEX THERAPY: “She Has Given Me Gonorrhea Twice But…”

DR GOODIS SEX THERAPY: “She Has Given Me Gonorrhea Twice But…”


PHOTO: pixabay.com

PHOTO: pixabay.com


Dear Doctor Goodis,

I have a girlfriend. We have been going out for a month and half now and I must confess I enjoy having sex with her because she is very good in bed. In fact, she does all unimaginable things to me in bed.


But there is a problem, she does not like using condom and I have contracted gonorrhea from her twice.


I don’t know how to tell her because I am afraid she will get angry and leave me and I don’t want her to leave me because I enjoy her sex too bad!

She has been calling me for days now for us to have sex and I have been avoiding her because I just finished treating the gonorrhea I got from her the second time.


What do I do Doctor Goodis?





Hello young man,

YOU did not put a name in your email so I will assume you are a young man. You asked a question; “What do I do Doctor Goodis?”

Simple, since you enjoy her sex so much you are ready to be contracting gonorrhea every other week, why not, go on, be my guest. Keep enjoying the sex and gonorrhea till you will get REAL HIV/AIDS from her!

What is wrong with young people of nowadays?

As you are reading my mail or you logged on to ONNLive, immediately call her and ask her for a drink and tell her bluntly what she has given you. Then take her to a Doctor for proper examination and treatment. When she is certified clean thereafter, you can go on enjoying the sex that was so important to you that you were ready to die. Look, be very careful, you!

Stay safe.


Doctor Goodis Love



Or 08028343873 (SMS ONLY)

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