DR GOODIS’ SEX THERAPY: “I am 18 In Love With…”

DR GOODIS’ SEX THERAPY: “I am 18 In Love With…”


PHOTO: pixabay.com

PHOTO: pixabay.com

Dear Dr. Goodis,

I am an 18 year old girl; I am attracted to older men. I always feel insulted when boys my age or around 25 and 30 years come and toast me. My current boyfriend is 51 years and he is married with kids. I love him so much.

What do I do? Is it a problem or I am not normal?


Miss Cutie Cutie.



Dear Miss Cutie,

What you need is above me. I know that some young girls are attracted to older lovers but your case is a special case.

By the way, that 51 year old man that is exposing his nakedness for you to see is what Yoruba call ‘Agbaya’.

Go on your knees and pray to God to touch you with His healing hands AND LOOSE you from the bondage of evil spirit of fornication.

RECEIVE your deliverance Today!



Stay safe.


Doctor Goodis Love



Or 08028343873 (SMS ONLY)

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