DR. GOODIS SEX THERAPY: My Former Boyfriend Wants ‘Send-Off’ Sex Even After My Traditional Marriage

My Former Boyfriend Wants ‘Send-Off’ Sex Even After My Traditional Marriage



Dear Dr. Goodis,

I have a problem and I need your wise counsel.

I have been dating a married man for four years now. He really helped me through university especially with paying of my fees, upkeep allowances and even as far as helping my mum set up a trade.

In January, I met a man who said he wanted to marry me and we started dating. I told this man about it and he gave his blessings. I even took my new boyfriend to see him and introduced him as my ‘uncle’. He prayed for us that day.

Last month was my traditional marriage and we have fixed October for the wedding. After my traditional, I stopped having sex with my benefactor as I consider myself a married woman already. Some days ago, he called me and said I should come and do ‘send off’ for him before my white wedding. I have been avoiding him since but he keeps calling saying he will miss our love making and that I should do final ‘send off’ for him. I am so confused. Help me Dr. Goodis.






Dear Mee,

Go and do ‘send off’ for the man. Has he not tried for you enough? Haba! Just this once will not change anything.

Just be careful your husband to be does not catch you. Nobody will know. The man has tried; let him enjoy this ‘send off’.



Stay safe.


Doctor Goodis Love



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