BIAFRA: We Will Put Our Non-Violence Stance On Test Friday – IPOB

BIAFRA: We Will Put Our Non-Violence Stance On Test Friday – IPOB  


Biafra protesters PHOTO:

Biafra protesters


THE Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said that it will put to test, its non-violent approach in its quest to restore Biafra on Friday. It restated its resolve to “make our positive statement on Friday, about how we feel in this false union and false marriage of incompatible bed fellows, between 7am and 4pm, by sitting at home. In a press release signed by its Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, the group explained the rationale behind its action saying: “The choices we make today will invariably shape our future, the unbearable oppression and persecution of the oppressor is unrelenting. “His paranoia is informed and fueled by his fear of our God given endowments, physical, material and spiritual”.
It noted that every effort has been made by their parents to renegotiate the terms of Nigerian association but these were resisted. Likewise, It continued, their prayer to treat them as equals has not been roundly rejected by the oppressor, who vowed to lead everybody into the ocean, rather than loose us from bondage, “leaving us no other choice than to reject, permanent status of serfs, by embarking on our glorious march to freedom and the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
It said that their statement in ordering a sit at home tomorrow (Friday) was “designed to encourage each other that our future is in our hands. The oppressor can only successfully continue to oppress us if we do nothing and concede to his domineering plots. We are born free. We shall be free”.  It claimed that the “mistake of 1914” that turned them into slaves in their fatherland, must be upturned. “We shall dutifully break of every shackle, every fetters and every chain. Our children’s future, depends squarely on what we do today. On Friday, we call on all lovers of freedom and haters of injustice to join us and plead with others to partake in the stay at home on Friday.
“The oppressor is clearly jittery; he has resorted to hounding evangelists who are merely preaching the good news of freedom. They are confused and scared. “Our sit at home on Friday, represents the birth pains of freedom, as we march through the red sea, we can see the promised land, as we look back, we see Pharoah and his chariots heading to: you know where.”
They called on the areas concerned to “Rise up and take your freedom, by joining our peaceful stay at home protest on Friday. It’s a great honour, to be able to tell our children; WE TOOK PART TO SET YOU FREE, AND PREPARE A BETTER TOMMOROW FOR YOU.”

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