DR. GOODIS SEX THERAPY: He Can Only Go Two Rounds, And I Need…


GOODIS SEX THERAPY: He Can Only Go Two Rounds, And I Need…

Dear Dr. Goodis,

I have a serious problem and I have decided to seek your advice before it is too late.

I am 23 years, I am in my third year in school and a man I met about five months ago is asking for my hand in marriage. Truth is, I like him; he is comfortable, tall and handsome…a kind of man any girl of my age will dream of as a life partner. He recently bought me a car even before I have agreed to be his wife.

But there is a big problem; he can only go two rounds of sex every night we made love and that is a big problem for me because I am usually satisfied after four rounds of hard sex. My last school boyfriend always went six rounds any night we were together.

Every time I and my current boyfriend had sex, he always left me hungrier than he met me because I feel empty after just two rounds of sex. What do I do Dr. Goodis? Should I go ahead and marry him and ask him to get sex performance drugs? I am confused because sex is very important in marriage and I don’t want to have extra marital affairs.

Yours faithfully,

Little Lilly Pet




Dear Miss ‘Little Lilly Pet’,

I understand your predicament and I must commend you for opening up on a problem that is eating you up.

I agree with you that sex is a very important aspect of marital life because it is popularly said that “when the bed is good, the marriage is good”. But one has to adjust to some certain realities of life. You fall into the category of very few women who are insatiable when it comes to sex because I must confess; four round of sex for one night is a bit on the high side. So assuming your husband makes love to you three times a week that is a minimum of 12 rounds of sex!

I will advise you to manage the two that this current boyfriend has to offer, you never can tell, with time, he may improve to three and before you know it, with proper prodding, he may be cruising on the four rounds that is your benchmark.

My candid advice: Marry this man that can go two rounds, forget about that your former school boyfriend that usually went six rounds. He is young with no worries about tomorrow. I am sure you gave him food and even buy him jean pants and T-shirt to remain the ‘fine boy’ he is and in return he gives you hot sex right? Forget the chewing gum, sex totting boy.


Stay safe,

Yours Doctor Goodis Love



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