My Dad Warned Me Not To Steal Govt Money-Gov Obaseki

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EDO State Governor, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, has reiterated that his emergence as the governor is to give a boost to governance by ensuring that the dividends of democracy gets to all and sundry without any hindrance.
The Governor made the clarification while responding to goodwill messages during the luncheon party held in his honour at the Government House Ground last weekend.

Governor Obaseki disclosed that his father, Hon. Justice Andrews Otutu Obaseki, has implored him not to covert the treasury, to govern with the fear of God and to ensure that the dividends of democracy is made available for all and sundry irrespective of social status.

He eulogised former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon for being his role model. “I thank General Yakubu Gowon for his humble disposition. The General will not know the seed of humility which he sowed in me while he came to our house while I was a child,” Obaseki revealed.
He promised that henceforth he would ensure that everyone is allowed to offer practicable input in the affairs of the state.

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