‘SPENDED’ GAFFE: Sports Minister Dalung Attended ‘Cambridge’ University, Jos

Dalung PHOTO: dailypost.ng

PHOTO: dailypost.ng

MINISTER of Sports and Youth Development, Mr. Solomon Dalung must be a very special specie from his Plateau State.


Aside his somewhat ‘unique’ way of dressing, like a young Fidel Castro in the early stage of his revolutionary movement, never knew Dalung also has a special way of speaking English.

While answering questions from the Senate committee in charge of his ministry, Dalung shamelessly said his ministry ‘spended’ a certain amount of money.

Spended? Yes, spended. I had to play back the video three times to confirm I heard correctly. And Dalung did not use that strange English word once, he repeated it thrice!

Even the light chuckle from the Ministers anytime he said he ‘spended’ the money did not make any impact on Dalung.

Dis Buhari minister na wa o.

And to think Dalung the Che Guevera of Plateau is nursing the ambition of becoming the Governor of that state.

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