DSS INVITES APOSTLE SULEIMAN: Will Nigeria Suffer For A Year If He Spends One Day In Custody?


NIGERIA’S set to incur the wrath of Apostle Suleiman Johnson’s ‘God’ because from all indications, he would spend at least a day in Nigeria’s secret police custody because the DSS have formally arrested him after the botched arrest attempt in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, South West Nigeria, last week.

The Apostle had boasted in a recorded video that if he spent a day, just a day in DSS’ custody, the damage that would be done to this country would take a year to fix.

He premised his threat on the claim that he has branches of his Omega Fire Ministry in 42 countries across the world and Nigerian embassies in those countries would be in trouble, according to him.

How the journalist turned pastor arrived at that submission should beat any rational mind.

Anyway, the DSS had sent a formal invitation to the pastor to appear at the agency’s office on Monday, January 30, 2017.


Nigerians are waiting with bathed breath to see if the acclaimed man of God would spend more than a day in custody, for his inciting comments to his followers urging them to kill any Fulani herdsman they find and “cut off his head,” he said clearly on video posted on Youtube.


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