“My wife was only lying that she did not spend part of my money. She only wants Nigerians to have sympathy for me because she does not know I was into kidnapping. All I told her was that I am into drug, which she advised me to stop.”

WITH the above confession from arrested dreaded kidnapper, Evans, the lie by his wife that she never knew her husband was into kidnapping as a trade was further punctured.

Evans PHOTO: naijanews.com

PHOTO: naijanews.com

Mrs. Evans a couple of days in a desperate move to curry sympathy as well as achieve some degree of culpable deniability, released a very long statement denying she ever knew her husband was a kidnapper.

She went further by taking a selfie of herself and five kids, all crying.

But Evans while leading policemen to his detention camps in Igando, Jakande and Ikotun areas of Lagos where he kept his victims for as long as two months before ransom was paid, made the above comment in response to enquiries by newsmen seeking his reaction to his wife’s statement.

Evans also spoke about detention experience.

“The inmates are treating me well now. Even the IRT policemen are friendly to me. They take proper care of me. I can’t blame them if they did not take care of me, because I am the cause of my problem. I am reaping what I sowed.

“If I am given a second chance, I will be the most grateful person on earth and I promise to be an advocate of anti-kidnapping in the country.”

That is what they all say when they are finally in police net by the way.

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