Letter To Fela: A Tribute To Fela Anikulapo-Kuti


By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

Dear Baba Fela,


How levels?


As I dey write you dis letter so, I dey provoke!.


Na today make am 20years wey you waka komot Naija.


Baba Agba, all di kasala wey you take sing dat time still dey for di same levels o. Na so so rotate we just dey rotate like barber chair o. In fakt, konfushon don breaki bone…yeeparipa!


The gbege don turn to double wahala for deadi bodi and di owner of deadi bodi o…


No light. No water. No sekurity. No food. No road. Walahi, over-taki don over-take over-take…


If to say you neva waka, na di same yawa you for still dey hala now…


Efri tribe don provoke dey ask for referendum say dem wan break away go form dem own kontry, bikos  Naija don bekom jagajaga…efritin skata-skata!


Oyinbo man don ban motor wey dey use petrol and diesel from di year 2040 for dem country bikos of air pollushon. Yet, my people neva start to dey plan for Naija without crude oil. Na who go buy awa crude after dat time?


If to say you neva waka, you for still don dey hala nau…


Baba, we miss you o. You know say awa people no get liver. Na so so grammar we dey blow. Na your album we dey always dey wait for to take yab and advice our Rulers those days!


We go fold awa hand, dey pray say make God come “take control”. Small time, we go say, “it is well”.  We go fast and pray for good government and expect Baba God to drop am for we lap, free of charge from Heaven…just like dat!


Baba Fela, I no go eva refer to you as “late” lailai, bikos di Naija yawa dem wey you take sing dat time, still tanda dia gidigba like Olumo Rock!


Efri day na di same tin…suffering and smiling!


Take kia, Abami Eda.

Your liver and “prophesy” no get part 2. If na so all we liver hard, Naija for don better.


Ikubese wrote from Lagos


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