OKOROCHA Challenges African Leaders On Child Education

Okorocha PHOTO: 36ng.com.ng

PHOTO: 36ng.com.ng

20th  Anniverersary Of Rochas Foundation
ROCHAS Okorocha-Governor Imo State and Founder of Rochas  foundation

has called on  African leaders to join hands with one another to
eliminate illiteracy in the continent.
He said that provision of qualitative and functional education is the
fundamental right of every child which lays a solid foundation for the
growth and development of the child.
The governor stated this weekend at a ceremony in Owerri marking the
twenty (20) years of existence of  the Rochas foundation during which
he explained that the Rochas foundation college which he established
in 1998 was meant to enable children of the poor and the less
priviledged to acquire western education instead of making them poorer
adding that the more he gives, the more he gets.
He recalled that when he established the college  out of magnanimity,
concern and generosity for the welfare of the children of the poor and
the less privileged, some enemies of progress who do not mean well for
the poor misunderstood him and taught that the project had political
The governor expressed gratitude to God that the college which has
students from various African countries without any tuition fee has
continued to produce professionals in all fields of human endeavors .
He said, “Let me make a confession. Giving has not made me poor.
Giving has rather made me rich. So I stand bold to say today that I am
a wealthy man. And let no one envy me because you may be envying the
God that created me. The more I give, the more I get and no one can
stop me from giving. And I have transferred the spirit of giving to my
First, to my wife who has never stopped building houses for indigent
widows and has built over 270 houses to that effect”.
He continued “twenty years ago, no one would believe that these
thousands of children would have been the beneficiaries of this
foundation. Most of you do not know what propelled me into doing this.
It is a contractual agreement which I signed with my creator out of
the hardship and difficulties of life that I went through. In the
course of prayers I prayed God almighty that in any way you bless me,
I will bless others and in any way you give me, I will share with
those who do not have. That was my submission to God almighty”.
He stated, “But today, crazy as I am, in my ideas and thoughts have I
extended Rochas Foundation to Africa. I’m in a hurry because I will
not live in this world forever. I could be in pain when I must have
passed through this world and still having a lot of children of Africa
not educated because opportunity is not provided for them. I will not
sleep well neither will I depart this world until every child in
Africa finds a classroom to go into”.
His words, “As I do this, I have only managed to take about 17,000
children. We enroll about 1,000 children yearly, but that is not
enough, it’s like a drop of water in the ocean. So, this day is not
just a celebration, this day is a wakeup call on all government
officials and all those in any form of power or authority and those
who have been given privilege of life of wealth, should help those who
do not have”.
He added, “I don’t know the economic problem we suffer today or the
HIV or the Cancer we go through today, or the Ebola of yesterday, I
don’t know who will find solution. It might be that rejected and
dejected child in the village whose parents are no longer alive. Let
every child be given a chance to go to school. Today is a clarion call
for volunteerism, and I want to request all the ambassadors to please
sign up as volunteers. Identify a child anywhere in Africa and create
opportunity for Rochas Foundation to meet with the child. We might not
put him in our schools, we may plead with others schools to accept
them. We want to become the bridge between the haves and the have
nots. If only education will be made free Africa would be a better
According to the governor, “The biggest problem of Africa is not
hunger, the biggest problem of Africa is illiteracy. So, join me today
as I launch Rochas Foundation vision 2050 to take 1 million African
children especially those who have no food to eat and give them
education. If it could be done in 2030, we could have made an attempt
in solving Africa’s biggest problem”.
He continued, “I suffered a great deal trying to convey a message. For
the politicians, it was a way of setting up a political campaign, and
so I committed an offense. And to others, probably this young man must
have made a lot of money and is looking for a way to display his
wealth. And to some others, he came to dramatize his wealth; and to
some very few people, very very few indeed, they said let’s give him a
chance, maybe he has a calling with his God Almighty.
“Perhaps, most of you who do not know me would still be wallowing in
this confusion of who Rochas is, my mission, where I’m coming from and
where I’m going. And even, this misrepresentation now characterizes my
political life. For whatever I do, I get interpretation. When I
created the Ministry of Happiness, I created interpretation. When I
created a tourism site opposite us here where men and women are
honoured, people discuss it. So everything about Rochas is a story and
people discuss it,
“I have tried to sit down in my quiet time to find out why everything
I do becomes a big news, I couldn’t find an answer. So I have given up
by saying that this is my life and this is what God has made me to
be”. he stated

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