CULT War Leaves Trail Of Dead Bodies As SARS Take Over Surulere

Some suspected cultists in police net PHOTO:

Some suspected cultists in police net


By Dada Michaels


FOR over a month now, there has been a raging cult war in all parts of Surulere, a Lagos suburb, which has claimed over three people. It began with shooting death of a young man on Wosilatu Street, in Ijesha area of Surulere. Residents were thrown into panic at about 9pm when about four people on two commercial motorcycles rode to the front of number 23, came down and shot to death a young man simply identified as ‘Rob’ (no doubt his nickname) as he stood in company of his three of his friends taking in the night air as public power supply to the area was out.

An eyewitness who told ONNLive what happened that night as they were three houses away, drinking in company of friends outside, said when they heard the two loud gunshots; a friend said it could be some kids playing with fireworks, a carryover of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. “But another of my friend said the sound did not come across as that of a firework. When people started running, that was when we realized how bad the situation was. I looked and saw the young man on the ground and the two ‘okadas’ (motorbikes) zooming away in high speed. We all ran in, because we knew when the Police would come, they will start arresting everybody they see even in front of their homes and you know what that means, you must be made to cough out bail money when you get to the station. I later heard a police van came around 10pm to pick up the body. Since then, we have been living in fear in this area.”

No doubt a retaliatory strike, another young man was shot in the head at the Canal at end of Oshogbo Street, Itire, and some five minutes from Wosilatu Street where the first murder occurred. The Canal has over the years earned notoriety for bringing together young men of not too good characters as they converge there to take hard drugs, smoke Indian hemp or gamble. According to someone who lives in the vicinity, the unidentified young suspected cultist was shot once in the head and he died on the spot.

ONNLive was told that it took several hours before police from Itire Division came in three patrol vans to cordon off the crime area, gather evidence and took away the body.


When one thought the ongoing war was over, two cult groups clashed at Lawanson area of Surulere last week Wednesday and when the dust settled, one lay dead. The fight was so fierce, it lasted for hours, this prompted the DPO of Itire to radio for reinforcement to Police State headquarters, Ikeja and Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad, FSARS personnel were unleashed on Surulere. Some arrests were made that night according to a source close to Itire Division.


However, the young cultists are still baying for blood as they struck yesterday, February 26, this time at Aguda area of Lagos. Police reports say one unidentified young man was killed in the rival gang battle. This afternoon, ONNLive saw two patrol cars and a van loaded with FSARS affecting an arrest on Brown Road junction, close to Aguda Market.

Residents are presently living in fear in Surulere because Police are indiscriminately arresting innocent people and extorting monies from them under the guise of looking for the cultists while on the other hand, the cultists’ reign of terror goes on unchecked.


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