THE Alimosho 21 Roads Network

PHOTO GOVT HOUSE: Crowd everywhere for Ambode

PHOTO GOVT HOUSE: Crowd everywhere for Ambode when he commissioned the roads network

By Temitope Ajayi

THOSE who think they know better always say nobody should praise any government for doing what they are elected to do.

That is, when a government performs what is termed ‘’routine duty’’ of constructing roads, bridges, building schools, hospitals etc there is no need to hail such as achievements. Fair argument I must say. It is more so, when the governor is not using his personal money.

But when the ‘’routine’’ responsibilities have been left undone for years, I do not think it is out of place to commend any government that is making life more liveable for the citizens.

While it is the duty of a father to provide for his family. There is nothing wrong too, when the wife and children also show some gratitude.

I think it is better to praise when public money is used for public good instead of being stolen while the people still languish in misery.

I will rather adopt the attitude of the very happy people of the Lagos-Ogun border communities in Alimosho who are the beneficiaries of the roads that have opened up the areas.

In different banners welcoming the Governor of Lagos State and his team during the inauguration of the roads yesterday, the appreciative people saluted the government and Governor Ambode while calling his attention to other roads and public utilities that need government intervention.

What the network of roads have done, apart from ease of movement and lesser travel time for commuters and motorists, is the higher value, the roads have added to properties in the communities. That is more money in the pockets of the property owners. That is the economics of having good access roads.

It was also very salutary that the governor in his speeches commended the pioneering roles played in the continuous investment to upgrade public utilities in Alimosho by his two predecessors, Asiwaju Tinubu and the current Minister, Babatunde Fashola.

…Ajayi is a public affairs commentator based in Lagos

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