OCHEI’S OUTBURST: Tale Of A Desperate And Lonely Loser… Par 1



By EA Uzumnism.

THE cloud of greatness is upon every living being but every man has to also manoeuvre rightly while swimming with or against the tides of life to get to his destination.

Some find it hard, others find life a lot easier through the works of fellow men. However, the desirable end result is finishing strong and getting to one’ s destination.

The story of Victor Ochei is one of those bitter pills I find hard as a young man to swallow because thus far, it is a tale of wasted youthful capacity, bungled with arrogance, disloyalty, contempt, greed and unguarded ambition.

I feel pained addressing this personality because speaking seriously, I have a personal likeness for him as my contemporary.

However, I equally find it difficult explaining his unguarded, unwarranted attacks on functional plebicite democracy through the musings of a failed youth leadership.

This is Ochei who was picked from an obscure Constantinople and handed the horse of a Napoleon with which he rode to power.

Indeed, his escapade in Power reminds me of that song entitled: “Now that we’ve found love what are we gonna do”

An Ochei found power but what did he do with it?

Deltans were relieved when he was thrown out of the legislative chambers as Speaker. Then as Speaker, his convoy was longer than that of a President.

His overbearing attitude towards power condemned him before the then Establishment. Yes, humility eluded him and like a fish out of the waters,he only curled back to his obscure Manger after his ill- fated political sojourn.

The Manger is supposed to be for growth and constructive pupillage but impatiently, Ochei ran into the Gubernatorial race in 2015.

Indeed, there was nothing wrong about this ambition. However, this politically stone- hearted Pharoah knew how to start but didn’t know when to stop.

After an abysmal defeat arising from an over-bloated impression of himself, he ran into APC.

Today he sings like a Saint while trying desperately to pull down PDP… a party that cleaned his political birth water.

At every given occasion, he talks down on PDP because he wants power by all means.

I wish to however remind Victor that Deltans vividly remember his mobile car fashion shop and how PDP rescued him and gave him the needed platform which he blew up unfortunately on the altar of sheer arrogance and over- bloated self impression.

Those that have their nuts cracked for them by a benevolent spirit ordinarily should be humble. Ochei was initially an asset to Deltans until he started showing his parents their former residence.

The other day,I was taken aback seeing Victor discuss corruption on State of the Nation which was aired on Channels TV.

While on air,Ochei had challenges narrowing down to perspective or the framework of discussion because he is a man hunted by his past.

A kettle was on television calling the pot black and at a point, he literally blanked out because he was not a reflection of his argument.

Rather than quietly carry his obviously failed political voyage within his polarized political family especially having been deserted by his lieutenants, Ochei is seen everywhere throwing pebbles against the most consistent, visionary and selfless Governor of Delta State. Anyway, should quest for political power foreclose our sense of judgement?

Going forward, I want to challenge Ochei to a National debate on any news medium of his choice where he could come to defend his vituperations that Gov Okowa has failed.

It is saddening that desperation and poor vision has made Ochei not to see the most needed and justifiable multi-billion storm water project.

His quest to return Delta State to its dark days may have also blinded him from seeing the mega secretariat or its relevance in the scheme of things.

Over 3069 Deltans have so far been trained trained and empowererd through the visions and implementation of the Job Creation Office but the mischievous Ochei won’t see that either.

A value chain of over 40 thousand jobs by the Okowa- led Government has equally eluded Ochei’s vision.

The ‘I Must Govern Syndrome’ has blurred ochei from seeing a well managed economy during the recession.

What about the Asaba stadium that he cared not for all through his days as the number 3 man in Delta State?

Furthermore, can someone be kind enough to show Ochei a chart of how the Smart Agenda has fared? That the World Bank has endorsed and taken a cue from the module in Delta State?

What about the Teachers Development Centre?

Do market men and women, civil servants, non indigenes not testify to over 207,862,46km of roads or 278.412km of drainages across the State?

How can an Ochei therefore criticise baselessly thereby falling short of what he proclaims he is? Will Ochei tell Deltans and expect them to believe that peace has eluded Delta State in the last 3yrs? How can a self- acclaimed and broad chested lion he calls himself, not see beyond mediocrity to accept that 10 thousand housing units for civil servants is an asset to in terms of our needs assessment?

The Ocheis should be informed that Gov Okowa is a gentle man poised to make a difference. He is a Governor with a People- oriented vision and though fallible, far above board.

I want to equally remind Ochei that Deltans know better now. The sentiments of 2015 is very different from that of 2019.

Deltans know those who cannot be patient in trying times. We also know better those who threw Delta into darkness. We know better those who attempted to destroy PDP and are now destroying their newly found strange bedfellows in their new party.

Indeed, the major opposition party in Delta State has been in disarray and polarized since he brought his desperation upon them.
Deltans know better those who can mortgage our State to satisfy their unquenchable taste for vanity because of the vain standards they have set for themselves.

Deltans know better the Olikeze who had dined with kings but is now a slave in a foreign party.

Finally, the progressives are hereby advising Ochei to focus on his quest for whatever position he wants to vie for in a mature and acceptable manner to in order to avoid any further embarrasment of himself.

For if this is all that Ochei knows about party politics, then I have no other choice but to refer him to a Political Montessori School.

A word they say, is enough for the wise.

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