FEATURES Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Lookout For

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia Commons

SEXUALLY transmitted diseases can often go unnoticed if care is not taken. This can be very problematic. Late detection may mean disease is not caught in time to avoid complications such as infertility. Here are some signs and symptoms of STDs to beware of: 

-Burning sensation when urinating 

-Discharge from genitals which may be coloured off-white and may be malodourous 

-Pain during sexual intercourse 

-Bleeding from the genitals 

-Itching and irritation around the genitals 

-Painful rash and/or blisters around the genitals 

-Flu-like symptoms 

-Swelling of the genitals 

-Lower abdominal pain 

-Discolouration of the genitals 

Early detection is vital to curb the spread of disease. It is important that if you have any of these symptoms or are unsure whether you might have an infection that you visit your doctor, pharmacist or nurse as soon as possible. 


Source: Wikipedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia Commons

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