CAIRO’S Diatribe Against Okowa, Enough Of This Joke!

cairo ojugboh


By Norbet Chiazor


DR. Ifeanyi Okowa swarm to power against the tide of ethnicity.

2014. Chief Joe Omene led – Urhobo progress union UPU had decreed that no non – Urhobo would be governor of Delta state . Enter Uvwiamughe declaration.

Omene and co even proclaimed a curse on some of his Urhobo kinsmen like Ighoyota Amori, Monday Igbuya , Ben Igbaka among others said to be working contrary to his ” law” .

Joining forces with frontline media players of Anioma origin nationwide – Hugo Odiogor , Bruce Malogo , Emma Amaize , Ken ogbechie, Godwin Ijediogor, Charles Okogene , Neme and a few others, we had to tackle Omene ‘ s ethnic hate mongering with a perception reordering advocacy with every available public space.

Xenophobia in Delta ? No way. Happily ,Deltans transcending the five tribal lines of the state were not persuaded. Okowa became governor in 2015

The rest is history.

The fuller point is that none of us ( almost a dozen) is Ika, except Godwin who hails from Umunede .

Since Okowa came to government house, his most trenchant critic is from the same Ika axis – Dr. Cairo Ojougboh .

It all came to the fore in 2017 when the former PDP south south leader now in APC accused Okowa of running a ” parochial government ” with a bogus ” blank budget ” .

Days back he said he had unearthed plans by the governor to divert 18 million dollars to his personal account abroad allegedly from the proceeds of a multi billion Naira state secretariat building project at Asaba.

Cairo is seeking to contest the governorship seat in 2019. It is his constitutional right. But the timing is wrong. There is nothing another Ika man will prove again with Okowa on the saddle. Not now. Except you are a killjoy.

For the larger picture , this is the moral albatross of Anioma sons desiring the governorship in 2019.

Why mend it when it is not broken? Apologies to professor Chukwuma Soludo

Victor Ochei even with his occasional outbursts had not been as vociferous as Cairo. Prof . Pat Utomi talks on Okowa but he scarcely crosses the boundaries of decency .

Again, Cairo had far outdone Okowa ‘s strongest political rivals – Great Ogboru and Emerhor O ‘ Tega . Even when these men are picking stones against Okowa, he ought to restrain his hands.

In 2011, Cairo cont ested PDP senatorial primary election with Okowa and lost. Is that why he is bitter ?

But Senate is not governorship. Okowa governorship should excite not repulse . He is a jinx breaker. His destiny should gladden the heart of every conscientious kit and kin.

Okowa swore oath to be accountable . But whatsoever the misgivings of Ojougboh, right or wrong , it is better to take on the governor behind closed doors. This is the path of propriety. It is not politics. It is not cowardice. It is wisdom.

Tony Obuh a gentleman , from Ika axis also , lost the governorship in 2015 but he has been mellow in his relationship with the Okowa administration, often offering a hand of goodwill .

The circumstances of Okowa’s emergence demands a pan Anioma solidarity. Fair enough , the experience enjoys a pan Delta appeal to the credit of all Deltans .

But for a voice from his household to continually engage him openly in the village square is null.

It deserves neither laughter nor clap.


…Chiazor, immediate past NUJ Council Delta State chairman, wrote from Warri

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