HON Tony Elekeokwuri, Symbol Of True And Effective Representation

BY Eric Alionye
REPRESENTATIVE government is that system of government in which people elect their lawmakers (representatives) who are then held accountable to them for their activity within government.
This definition presupposes that the lawmaker is accountable to the people as long as he occupies that seat.
He/she, at all times, is meant to interact with the people in order to be fully abreast with their feelings on certain issues of importance and also to ascertain the provision of their needs in an order of Scale of Preference.
 The representative feels the impulse of the people and should carry same passion as theirs when presenting or debating bills that directly or indirectly affects the people.
The representative is best described as a ‘home boy’ due to the fact that his doors and hands should at all time remain open to his constituents. He has to bear in mind, the fact that the needs of the various groups within his constituency differ. As such, there is the need to take into consideration the needs of these individual groups and interest whenever allocation of any sort is to be made.
He should be aware that the assessment of his representation by these groups, who actually form the various nucleus of the constituency, is best done in regard to the attraction of democratic dividends to each.
 By this, he is daily faced with meticulous analysis of his duties and the expectations back home, in order to rightly appropriate all the democracy dividends accruable to the legislative office.
Ika North-East as a State constituency has had different legislators representing her at the Delta State House of Assembly since the commencement of democratic activities in 1999. At present, Hon. Anthony Emeka Elekeokwuri is the Honourable member representing the constituency since 2015, with the hope of receiving endorsements from all and sundry towards continuing the good work he is doing in 2019.
So far, it could be concluded though arguably that his representation has been remarkable with foremost legislative interests, prompt and adequate contribution to debates, initiation of excellent bills and the right attitude towards work.
His contributions towards upgrading the standard of living of his constituents have been carried out considering the different shades of interest, sectorial divides and more importantly, he had channeled all these towards the pathway of “Prosperity for Deltans” which is the vision of the incumbent administration.
While some may have reasons to argue and probably come to negative conclusions about his representation so far, the truth remains that whatever would be used to come to these conclusion may not pass ‘Popular Test’ if made subject to the assessment of majority of the constituents.
 In fact, the very few, if at all any criticism about his representation so far, could be an outcome of personal grievances, abnormal expectations, individual rivalry, outright jealousy or the popular pull him down so that I can climb mentality.
In any case, why not attempting to vilify anyone for his/her views about the activities of this noble Honourable, it is pertinent to state in unequivocal terms that an unbiased assessment about his representation should be carried out based on his official responsibilities and deliveries and not on personal or ideological terms.
Majority would vow for him as being one of the best hands among the incumbent legislators in Delta State House of Assembly. His track record so far in terms of legislative contributions and constituency development, duely justifies his quest for a second tenure in order to consolidate on the positive impact so far.
He carries the legislative etiquette worthy of emulation and at all times endeavours to live above board in terms of scandals and negative reportage about his activities. He is a loyal party man indeed and one who understands that politics does not end in “gra gra” but effective representation/delivery.
His personality, moderation, loyalty, intelligence, respect, strategic nature, being meticulous and open-handedness are worthy of true representation; as such, I am of the opinion that this pride of Ika nation should be supported by all and sundry to represent Ika North-East for a second tenure at the State legislative chambers.



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