FIFA Proposes Staging New Mini-World Cup Every Two Years


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FIFA president Gianni Infantino has proposed staging what would effectively be a mini-World Cup, featuring eight international teams, every two years in addition to the traditional competition.

The tournament, known as the “Final 8”, would be the climax of a global Nations League competition, which is part of an ambitious plan to reform international football which Fifa believes could be worth US$25 billion (RM100 billion) in a 12-year cycle.

In a letter seen by Reuters, Infantino said an unidentified group of investors had proposed spending US$25 billion to secure the rights to the tournament, which would take place every October and/or November of every odd year starting from 2021.

The Confederations Cup, currently staged every four years in a year before the World Cup, would be abolished.

CREDIT: Reuters

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