RAYMOND GOZIE OKOLI: An Astute Rising Political Star In Anambra State

Chined Okoye

By Chiedu Uche Okoye

WHO does not Know Raymond Gozie Okoli in Anambra State? The well-educated, handsome, and gangling Anambra born lawyer cum politician has proved to be a dedicated, loyal, and astute member of APGA, the ruling political party in Anambra State. His soaring popularity among the people is not unconnected with his inimitable way of politicking and his philanthropic deeds. More so, the laudable and lofty deeds, which he has been performing on the platform of APGA, underscore his unwavering fidelity to APGA causes and principles. Little wonder, now, he is well-liked by APGA leaders in Anambra State.

Since he joined APGA, he has been working tirelessly, relentlessly, and assiduously to help APGA achieve its lofty goals. On the platform of APGA, he collaborated with Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB) to bring about infrastructural development in Schools in Nnewi and Ekwusigo Local Government Areas.

He partnered with ASUBEB to construct five classroom blocks at Oraifite Girls’ Secondary School; VIP toilet at Awor Community Primary School, Oraifite; four classroom blocks at Ibolo primary school; four classroom blocks at Comprehensive Secondary School Nkpor; and five classroom blocks at Obereogo School, Umudim Nnewi

More so, he collaborated with ASUBEB to renovate five classroom blocks at Girls’ Secondary School, Ozubulu, Ekwusigo L.G.A, and four classroom blocks at Orsumughu community secondary school.

A man with a heart of gold, his love of education and his awareness that education is the bedrock of national development have  propelled him to assist many indigent youths  in Ekwusigo local Government Area to acquire formal qualitative education . So, his philanthropic initiatives had seen many indigent but brilliant students through post-primary schools. Today, they are eulogizing and thanking him for giving them the opportunity to acquire education – the tool with which they are navigating their ways in our today’s modern and technologically driven world.

Raymond Gozie Okoli, a philanthropist, was born on June 24, 1977 in Oraifite, Anambra state. The last child of his parents, he is fondly called “Oyi” , which is his nickname. A native of Awor Ifite, Oraifite in Ekwusigo L.G.A, he is married to the delectable and glamorous Nkoli Okoli, an accountant, who works at ASUBEB , Awka. It is with her that he begot three children. His wife’s support for his foray as well as participation in partisan politics has spurred him to strive to contest for elective positions in the government.

Now, nobody can dispute the fact that Raymond Gozie Okoli is a rising political star in Anambra state. The vast and qualitative education he acquired from various schools in Nigeria and beyond had prepared him adequately for political leadership and politicking. Right from his primary school day(s) to his stay in universities, he has been performing creditably and excellently in his academic endeavors.

He was a former pupil of Union Primary School Ifite, Oraifite. And, he sat the first school certificate in 1990. Upon his completion of his primary school education, he proceeded to Oraifite Boys’ High School. And, he was a student of the school between 1990 and 1996

His pursuit of education took him to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, the University from which he bagged a law degree in 2001. A man with a good head on his shoulders, he emerged the best student on Law of Evidence on October 2, 1999. Upon his graduation from the University, he did his mandatory NYSC in Ondo State. He attended law school in 2003. As his quest as well as thirst for education is not satiated, he enrolled for a master’s degree program in International Relations at Pace University, Chicago, USA.

Before he relocated to America for his education, which he will complete in October 2018, he had worked for many different organizations as a lawyer. It was at Amobi Nzelu’s Chamber, banex Plaza, Abuja that he cut his legal teeth as a lawyer. And, he worked briefly for UCABING Agency, Bronx, NY. More so, he was a legal adviser to OASEL group of Companies in Abuja between 2006 and 2010. And for the reason of space, I will not list here all the organizations for which he worked.

Now, nobody can gain say the fact that Raymond Gozie Okoli has garnered enough experience while attending schools in Nigeria, working in Law firms in the country, and participating in partisan politics. Today, he is well- acquainted with Nigeria’s peculiar style of politics and the problems confronting the people of Nnewi North and South, and Ekwusigo L.G.A.S, the area or constituency he wants to represent in the federal House of Representatives. It should be noted that his love of service to the people, his common touch, and his heart of gold constitute the impetus that has driven him to enter the murky waters of our politics

Being a man with a heart of gold, he doles out financial largesse to widows and orphans. And, he would foot the schooling expenses of many indigent students in his area. Thankfully, his noble and commendable acts of charity have not gone unnoticed. And they have endeared him to the people.

Not surprisingly, the people of Nnewi North and South and Ekwusigo local government areas are relentlessly and vociferously urging him to contest the 2019 National Assembly election to represent them in the House of Representatives.

Expectedly, he has heeded the people’s call; and he has thrown his hat into the ring with regard to contesting for the Nnewi North and South and Ekwusigo federal constituency election in 2019. He would contest the election on the platform of APGA, the ruling political party in Anambra state, if he gets APGA’S ticket.

Unarguably, he is the man the cap fits as to representing the Nnewi North and South, and Ekwusigo Constituency in the house of representative.  Is he not a loyal and sedulous party man? The answer is a categorical yes.  And, he is a philosopher-king, who is endowed with knowledge, leadership qualities, probity, and kindness.

More so, his robust education coupled with his peregrinations on Nigeria’s political terrain will come in handy if he is elected to represent Nnewi North and South and Ekwusigo local government areas in the House of Representatives.

….Uche Okoye wrote  from Uruowulu- Obosi Anambra State


Okoye is a Poet.

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