COSON: Days After AGM, Toju Ejueyitchie’s Questions Remain Unanswered

DAYS after the much celebrated Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been held and all concerned have gone home, waiting for that of next year meeting, the dust generated by that AGM is yet to settle. 
At least not from the Managing Director of Nigeria’s oldest publishing outfit, Premier Music, Mr. Toju Ejueyitchie.
He is still demanding answers to the questions his company posed to Chief Tony Okoroji and his COSON led board and management and whic he alleged have remained unanswered.
Here are the questions unedited.
”  Go and read what Tony wrote on Facebook  after he was voted out as chairman titled WHAT IS IN A TITLE?
–  Why is he now obsessed with being chairman of COSON?
– He says COSON is transparent. Why up till now has he not caused the Management of COSON under him, to respond to the queries Premier raised on both the 2015 & 2016 published accounts?
– Look at the composition of his  “board”. Which person was there from PMRS days? Who are those who were there in 2012? Why does anyone who disagrees with him on certain principles end up being “voted” out by “members”?
– If there is so much transparency, why is he afraid of a forensic audit?
– Why didn’t all those who oppose his usurpation of the Management of the society not receive notices for his  AGM on 10th May? Even Evangelist Obey whom he runs to when things are not going his way didn’t get a notice.
Journalists and right thinking members of the society should ponder on these things and it should  make them do the needful.”

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