O’JEZ BUKA Opens Across Lagos Monday (sponsored post)

Ojez buka 2

RESTAURANT chain O’jez has added a new baby to its growing enterprise with the introduction of O’JEZ BUKA.

O’JEZ BUKA can be found at NUMBER 33, Ondo Street by Mainland Local Council headquarters (Tinubu Building), Ebute Metta, Lagos, inside National Stadium, Surulere-Lagos and Ikeja Club premises, Ikeja-Lagos. There are two outlets inside the National Stadium, Surulere.

According to Chief Joseph Odobeatu, C.E.O, O’JEZ GROUPS, the O’JEZ BUKA was designed for people to experience the real BUKA experience in a different atmosphere.

Ojez buka

“Now you can ask to be given just a piece of meat and one wrap of amala or fufu or pounded yam or eba, ofada rice according to what you have in your pocket. We did this to cater for every customer. And you know that at O’JEZ, we serve the greatest meals in Nigeria.”

The major difference at O’JEZ BUKA is the addition of Chinese cuisine which any customer can order like he is at any ‘Mama Put’ restaurant and you won’t have to rob a bank or empty your pockets. At O’JEZ, we think about what we can do ALWAYS to put smiles on the faces of our patrons, Odobeatu said.

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