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Manager PHOTO: Vanguard News

PHOTO: Vanguard News

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Afam Koko, Onnlive


IN politics, especially in Nigeria, anything can happen and do happen. And the only thing that is constant like change is self interest. And it is on this premise that we envisage that anything can happen when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gathers its faithful to elect who among its heavyweight members who have signified interest to push Senator James Manager out of his seat at senate as the representative of Delta South Senatorial District when its primary is held in the state in a matter of months, November to be precise.

Already among those who have so far shown, by their body languages, that they want to add the title of senator to their many titles are Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduagan and member representing Warri North in the Delta State House of Assembly, Michael Diden alias, Ejele. These are the two real contenders to the position, though, they maybe some pretenders.

As others are still waiting for the opportune time to throw their hearts into the ring, it is also not be too early to x-ray those who may contest with Manager as to who gets the party’s flag to contest the election next year.

While on paper, Dr. Uduaghan looks more qualified to bear the flag. As a former governor of the state that reportedly finished ‘strong’ he knows where all the dead bodies are buried when it comes to contesting election in the state whether at the party’s primary or at the general elections of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). In fact, Uduaghan survived three general elections and we expect that the senatorial primary of his party will be a walk in the garden for him.


Secondly, he has all the goodwill going for him throughout the state. Some of his boys are in strategic positions in the state and the party within the senatorial district and he it is likely to be easy for him to sell his candidacy to them. Already he is on a winning way with the report that the former Secretary to the State Government under Unduaghan’s watch, Comrade O….Macaulay has perished his ambition to seek the party’s nomination to contest the election proper.

According to a source, that is to make it easier for the ex-governor to win the votes from Isoko at the primary.


And most importantly, the odds favours him in the sense that he hails from Itsekiri ethnic nationality, the only tribe in Delta South that has not represented the state at the Red Chambers since the current political dispensation which state in 1999. Since this singular factor may work in his favour, it is also a factor that may work against him because one of those who is rumoured to have ambition, Michael (Ejele) Diden, is also an Itsekiri man. And if none agrees to step-down for each other, they may end up dividing the Itsekiri vote.  Ejele, as he is popularly known in the state, is said to be popular and strong that he can gather some votes from Isoko and Ijaw nations that make up the senatorial district.


Lets wait and see who amongst them carries the day in November and possibly checkmate Manager whose fellow Ijaw is the deputy governor of the state whose instance and that of the governor, the senatorial district will be hosting a reception in their honour on July 9 at Oleh.

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