EXCLUSIVE: Man In Police Net Over Armed Robbery

IMAGE: financialwatchngr.com

IMAGE: financialwatchngr.com


Koko Afam Onnlive

A middle aged man in his 30s is right now telling the police at Abule Egba Police Station, all he knows about an armed robbery incident that took place in a building at Beckly Estate, Abule Egba.

The young man who also resides in the building where the robbers robbed an American based journalist of a camera reportedly worth N5 million, a Toyota Sienna SUV and N250,000 cash on Monday ran into the police trouble when he allegedly accousted the robbery victim and threatened to deal with him.

” He had earlier accussed the robbery victim of sleeping with his sister whom he lives with. He was also said to have reported the alleged affair to the  robbery victim’s wife who is in America and his sister’s hubsand.

” There were still on that when the robbery occurred,” our source narrated “and when the police came for further investigation at the scene of the crime and also to invite the victim and the security men at the estate’s gate to identify some youths they have arrested in connection with the crime, he jumped out of his flat and began to shout like a mad man at the victim who was already in the car brought by the police that ‘he will show  the robbery victim the stuff he was made off.’ That was when the police took interest in him and asked that he should follow them to the station to explain all he knows about the crime.
” At first he resisted the arrest and was even struggling to disarm one of the police officers until they called for re-enforcement and bundled to the station,” our said.
The robbers on that night robbed more than four houses in the estate including that of the Alfa of the estate’s mosque.
Though, they did not succeed in gaining entery into the two bedroom flat of the Alfa because of the resistance he and his wife put up by pushing strongly to bulgarly proof of the flat window in their parlour which they (robbers) had forced off the wall and wanted to access the parlour through the window, they had taken Alfa’s laptop and phone which were on top of a table beside the window.
The Alfa, our source said, kept telling the robbers  “if you shoot me, you will all die one by one” while the pushing game lasted and they retreated and fled.

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