YOU Will Not Believe The Wahala This Photo Taken In Africa Is Causing On Social Media


Ellen DeGeneres PHOTO: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres
PHOTO: Ellen DeGeneres (Julie Gerstein)

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  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi just spent a week traveling in Africa to celebrate Ellen’s 60th birthday.
  • One of the last photos DeGeneres posted of the trip shows her posing with 14 African children.
  • People began accusing Degeneres of participating in “poverty porn,” a practice of spreading exploitative imagery of impoverished places to gain empathy.

Although Ellen DeGeneres is known for her kindness and generosity, people are calling a photo she posted on her recent trip to Africa a problematic example of “poverty porn.”

The photo in question shows DeGeneres posing with 14 African children, and was tweeted by the talk show host with the caption, “Thank you to all of the amazing people I met on my trip, who helped make it so special.”

The photo was taken during DeGeneres’ week long trip to Africa where she spent most of her time visiting wildlife foundations with her wife, Portia De Rossi.

Shortly after posting the photo, people began to call out DeGeneres for participating in “poverty porn,” a tactic often used by nonprofits to gain sympathy (and donations) by exploiting impoverished areas.

Both nonprofits and celebrities alike have come under fire in recent years for perpetuating the narrative that Africa is an uncivilized and impoverished continent by posting “poverty porn.”

In 2014, “Saturday Night Live” released a sketch titled “39 Cents” which parodied aid program videos where white men pose with African children to try and guilt viewers into sending money.

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