READ Kunle Onime’s Tribute To Ras Kimono

By Kunle Onime

I have known you for almost 30 years, we toiled together, we struggled together, we hustled together, we have remained friends from the very first day we met.
I knew you as Augustine and not Ras kimono, I knew you when there were noone noticing us and we gladly jumped from one molue to another , I watched and saw you become a star and a mega star.
Today exactly a month and a day after you celebrated your 60th birthday , you decided to shock the world.why did you do this , kimono?
I am still in shock and in tears, watching your body being moved to the morgue today is the saddest thing that has happened to me since the passage of my mom.
Kim , may the good lord grant you eternal rest.
One love my brethren.


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