JUNE 12 And National Security

MKO Abiola

MKO Abiola


By Tunde Abatan
WITH the euphoria and public acceptance generated by the recognition and conferment of award on the heroes of the June 12 to mark the 25th anniversary of the annulment of the freest and fairest elections in Nigeria, it is time for President Muhhammadu Buhari and his government to move forward and remove the dark spots on its government typified by the blood letting in the middle belt amd other parts of the country by Herdsmen and Boko Haram menace.
Obviously with the apology from PMB to Nigerians and return of same by the Moshood Abiola family to the former,it is time to stop our series of grief and prevent future reoccurrence as promised by PMB.
The only way to do this is for PMB to quickly nib in the bud the mindless blood letting in the middle belt occasiomed by the age- long farmers herders clash which has of recent assumed a grave dimension.
We dont need another atonement in 25 years time if the government can be bold and sincere enough in its efforts to stop the embarrassing cycle of blood letting.
The present security architecture and strategy has obviously reached the limits of its potency.
Since protection of lives and property was what PMB swore to uphold and protect on may 29,2015,he should quickly nib in the bud anything that could reverse the trend and diminish his governance.
There is no doubt that activities of Herdsmen or what name they are called, have replaced and surpass in criminality the Boko Haram menace with its debilitating effect on our security,values and national cohesion.
The economic and social woes are daunting but PMB can reverse the trend and return the country back to the path of prosperity which the lukewarm attitude to various security threats all over the country of recent has greatly affected.
PMB should ride on the crest of his new found public acceptance to rejig his security strategies and cast aside personal prejudices and weaknesses through the change in its military strategy which attitude to the blood letting is suspect and a direct threat to national cohesion which he intends to achieve by the June 12 healing process he started last week.
The healing process would not be completed until herdsmen, their blood- letting and sponsors whoever and wherever they are, are quickly halted and brought to book by our capable men in military who i believe given the right leadership and reasonabble strategy, have what it takes to put a stop to the menace.
PMB should also take a second look at the clamour for Restructuring which remains the far reaching and lasting solution to the national upheavals.
Ignoring clamour for restructuring is akin to pretending all is well with our present set -up which defies sustenance of our unity as nation states.
Restructuring is akin to understanding the underbelly of our differences as a country of diversities. the recognition of this and positive steps to its actualisation remains the solution to building a Nation.
There is no better Time for PMB to depeen the statesman role he commenced with the June 12 healing process than Now.
This remains the only dividing line between him and his predecessors who have in the last sixteen years failed to do the needful due to lack of courage,ego and vision which opportunity thrusted on them.
History making is not a dinner party and completing the process involves enough courage and determination to sustain it’s long lasting balm to change our country’s narrative.
PMB has the unique opportunity to kick and sustain the ball of national intergration he has commenced.
Doing this is justifying reasons why nigerians should renew his mandate during the February 2019 elections in eight months time.
A stich in time saves nine.-
…Abatan, is a journalist based in Lagos.

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