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IT is all over, Olusegun Mimiko, the immediate past governor of Ondo State, has  resigned his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday.

Mimiko, in a letter to the PDP Chairman, Ondo West Local Government Area, said he decided to leave the party because of some personal reasons.

The three-paragraph letter was personally written and signed by the former governor.

“I hereby, with utmost humility, inform you of my decision to resign my membership of the PDP with effect from today, June 13, 2018, for some well thought-out personal reasons.

“It was an honour working with the many prominent Nigerians with whom I shared the PDP platform for the entire period I was in there as a member,” the letter reads.

Sources said Mimiko and his followers would today return to the Labour Party (LP) on which platform he won the governorship elections in 2007 and 2012.

He first joined the PDP in 2003 when he was allegedly denied participation in the governorship shadow poll of the Alliance for Democracy (AD).

Mimiko defected to the LP in December 2006 to pursue his governorship aspiration when he realised he could not clinch the PDP ticket.

He, however, led his followers back to the PDP on October 2, 2014.

There have been speculations that the former governor would return to the LP but he had kept mute on the issue.

Ironically, the Labour Party (LP) said Mimiko would not be received back in the party while accusing the former governor of turning its back on them at the darkest hour when the party needed him most.

Addressing a news conference at the NLC secretariat in Abuja, on Wednesday, National Chairman of the party, Dr. Mike Omotosho, supported by the NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, alleged that the former governor was trying to use the party to regain political relevance once again.

They said the party would not allow him use the platform again to achieve his personal goals.

Omotosho said, “It has come to our knowledge the moves by the immediate past governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, to return to the Labour Party. Nigerian workers wish to put a disclaimer to this ill-fated adventure.

“The Nigeria Labour Congress is fully aware of plans by Dr. Olusegun Mimiko to destabilise the current gains being made by workers to reclaim and reposition the Labour Party.

“It is very obvious that the sole purpose of Dr. Mimiko’s re-approach to the Labour Party is to use the party to launder his sagging political image.

“Nigerians would recall that Dr. Mimiko abandoned the Labour Party for the Peoples Democratic Party a few days to Labour Party’s October 2015 National Convention.

“Such a treachery and betrayal of a party that gave the former governor succour in the darkest hour of his political career, especially as manifest in his two-term victory on the ticket of Labour Party is, to say the least, cheap and callous.

“It also revealed a paucity of knowledge of the philosophy of the Labour Party as a peoples’ rooted party and a dearth of class consciousness on his part.

“The Labour Party is an offspring of the working class family and was midwifed by the labour movement. It is the political vehicle for Nigerian workers and the Nigerian poor.

“It was founded on the cornerstone of ideological clarity and class consciousness to promote and defend the political cum socio-economic interest of the working people.

“There is no doubt that political journey persons like the former governor of Ondo had in the past taken advantage of the leadership challenges in the Labour Party to satisfy their fantasies for political opportunism.

“Well, all those have changed. The labour movement, in alliance with its civil society partners and other patriotic Nigerians, is poised to fully reclaim the Labour Party and restore it as a model political institution that does not only epitomize the values of the working class family but also capable of contesting for power with members of a failed political class, with whom the former governor dines and wines.

“While the leadership of congress continues to work to rebuild the Labour Party, especially through the instrumentality of our Political Commission, we urge all workers and indeed genuine lovers of popular democracy to ignore the political theatrics of people like the former governor of Ondo State.”

“He has shown Nigerian workers that he cannot be trusted. The Labour Party is no longer a transit bus to strange political destinations, particularly under the subterfuge of people like him.”

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