APDA Chairman Wants Nigerians To Be Mindful Of Electoral Promises

Alhaji Mohammed Kabiru Shitu PHOTO: DIASPORA PRESS

Alhaji Mohammed Kabiru Shitu

THE Chairman of Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA), Mallam Kabiru Shitu, on Sunday, said that the Nigerian electorate now have the opportunity to hear, monitor and listen to leading parties through their various leaders.

Shitu was speaking on the hill of the just concluded All Progressive Congress (APC) convention in Abuja, Nigeria that brings in the former governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as the new Chairman.

He strongly advised the Nigerian electorate based on what are happening in the country, to open their eyes and ears in examining all promises kept and not honoured by electable leaders over the last years.

Mr. Kabiru Shitu said, “we should note that political parties all have their ideologies and method of delivering governance which has not impacted yet positively on the nation. There are many parties presently exhibiting internal crisis and APDA is going to show them how to run a structured party where the rule of law takes effect and its implementation is fully adhered to”.

The Nigerian people are looking for peace, obedience to rule of law, provision of good governance and protection of lives and properties. These are guaranteed under our party, the APDA.

The chairman, who said his party was already in the mood to provide to millions of Nigerians the real alternative force in the country. ‘’We are ready. There is hardship, insecurity challenges and need for good management leadership that is accountable to the citizens of this country and deliverable by our social contract under APDA”.

“I also use this opportunity to sympathise with the families of lost ones across the country and requested the Federal Government to immediately see to the ending of these criminal and wanton destruction of lives and properties”, added the chairman.

2019 affords Nigerians the options to find and elect a party whose sole aim is the betterment of all Nigerians regardless of their state, locality, language, religion or affiliations. APDA is the real alternative. Adding that every voter and of voting age should get their PVC. With the PVC they can make real change and transformed the country into one that is globally respected and her citizens enjoying new and available opportunities in a great country.



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