FIVE Top Tips To Help Quit Smoking 

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia Commons

SMOKING has been linked to a range of debilitating health conditions such as lung cancer, respiratory tract infections, congestive pulmonary disease amongst others. Health workers usually advocate that smokers give up the habit to avoid developing these life-threatening conditions. Admittedly, it can be hard to do away with the practice particularly for long-term smokers. The following are some tips that might help with quitting: 

  1. Consider your motivation for wanting to quit: exploring your reason behind wanting to kick the habit can give the need drive to take action. It may be useful to document these and keep it for future reference. 
  2. Make a note of a date when you would like to stop: this can help crystallise your plans and give you the needed gumption to quit. It might be worth telling others about your plan and make preparation in advance of this date (for instance, getting rid of smoking paraphernalia); this can help keep you accountable and on track with your plans. 
  3. Anticipate the uphill battle: it is important that you avoid underestimating the difficulty that can come with smoking cessation. Carrying out research in advance can help inform you of situations to be aware of, for instance withdrawal symptoms (e.g tremors, coughing), possibility of replacing smoking with another habit (e.g excessive food intake) amongst others. You should try to remain positive and seek steady progress. It might help to make note of the benefits you may experience from quitting. And try not to be put off by the possibility of failing – it is often the case that people have several failed tries before they succeed. 
  4. Consider external support: This may be from family and friends or more formal support from stop smoking programmes. These interventions are believed to significantly improve one’ chances of quitting. If unsure about where to seek help health workers at pharmacies and clinics can offer advice. 
  5. You can use products to help you quit smoking: There are medicines available in pharmacies to help you quit smoking. Some of these can be gotten over-the counter without a prescription (e.g nicotine replacement therapy) and can significantly ease the process of quitting. 

Quitting is not always an easy thing to do; it is advisable to kick the habit which has been linked to poor health outcomes. The above tips are some of the top ways to help you achieve this. 

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