‘VAMPIRE’ Caught Drinking Old Woman’s Blood

 © Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images     Vampire

© Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

By Ankita Mehta

IN a bizarre incident, a “vampire” killer has been arrested in Zimbabwe for slitting an elderly woman’s throat to reportedly suck blood from her wound. The accused, identified as Christopher Sibanda, 34, also had a pot filled with blood.

Sibanda hit his victim, identified as Subusisiwe Sigauke, with a log several times before slitting her throat with a sharp object, Zimbabwe’s daily Chronicle reported.

The incident happened on June 27 at around 2 pm local time when the victim was returning from a nearby hospital.

A passerby in the village caught Sibanda sucking Sigauke’s blood from her neck and informed the police.Assistant inspector for Matabeleland North, Eglon Nkala, told the Chronicle that the accused surrendered after a massive manhunt.

“I can confirm a suspect who allegedly committed a murder at around 2 pm on Wednesday along the main road from Kana Mission Hospital to Sikhewu village. Villagers who had embarked on a manhunt apprehended him and surrendered him to police and he is in custody,” Nkala said. Edward Marijeni, a local councillor, said the recent murder has left the residents of the area in shock. Marijeni said that Sibanda ‘sometimes seems to lose his mind’.

“We have known Sibanda to be a man sometimes seems to lose his mind although he has never been violent.

He has allegedly never been on treatment for a mental challenge. Sibanda attacked the elderly woman while she was on her way to her home from the hospital where she had gone to collect some medication,” Marijeni said.

Villagers told the publication that a passerby caught him red-handed. “He had also collected some blood into a pot suspected to have oozed from the victim’s wound. He was found kneeling next to the body with his bloody mouth on the wound.

When people attempted to apprehend him he fled the scene,” a member of the neighbourhood watch committee said.


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