HOW Hollywood Star Fought To Keep Details Of ‘Drinking, Drug Use, Medical Conditions’ Out Of $25M Legal Battle With Former Business Managers

 © Getty     Actor Johnny Depp arrives for the 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala held at Palm Springs Convention Center on January 2, 2016 in Palm Springs, California

© Getty
Actor Johnny Depp arrives for the 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala held at Palm Springs Convention Center on January 2, 2016 in Palm Springs, California

By Karen Ruiz

JOHNNY Depp had pleaded with a judge to have any mention of his alleged drug or alcohol use excluded from his $25 million legal battle, days before it was settled.

Court documents obtained by reveal the actor filed a motion to exclude evidence and argument on July 12, claiming such details were ‘irrelevant’ and intended to ‘smear’ him.

Depp had been embroiled in a bitter legal war with his former business managers at The Mandel Group d/b/a The Management Group since January 2017.

But the 55-year-old star averted his August 15 trial by finally settling the case for an undisclosed amount on Monday.

He had sued TMG for allegedly mismanaging his finances, taking out loans without his approval, and concealing his ruinous finances which drove him into more than $40M in debt.

In the court papers, Depp accused TMG of planning to turn the trial into a ‘sideshow’ by using his alleged medical conditions or disorders and alleged drug use against him.

‘Recognizing that they have no legitimate defenses to the claims brought by the Depp Parties for Defendants mismanagement and malpractice as Mr. Depp’s business managers and attorneys, Defendants have used their pleadings in this action as a tool to smear and disparage Mr. Depp with palpably irrelevant claims regarding Mr. Depp’s lifestyle,’ the suit read.

TMG had planned to bring in a doctor to testify on issues relating to drug use and drinking, as well as memory loss, and their potential effects on Depp’s cognitive abilities, papers state.

‘To justify their intended sideshow, Defendants will attempt to argue that Mr. Depp’s alleged medical conditions or medical treatments are somehow relevant to show the Defendants are not the proximate cause of Mr. Depp’s damages because according to Defendants, no amount of warnings or advice from Defendants would have resulted in a different outcome.’

Depp’s legal team called it ‘nothing more than a diversionary tactic’ to disparage the Hollywood star and mislead the jury with ‘irrelevant tabloid gossip.’

This was not the first time that Depp’s lawyers had filed a motion to have certain details stricken from the case.

In court papers filed last July, Depp demanded that allegations that he has ‘psychological issues’ and a ‘compulsive spending disorder’ be excluded.

TMG had fired back denying the claims that they were to blame for the actor’s financial woes and had accused the big-spending A-list actor of living an expensive high-life with 14 homes, an $18 million luxury yacht, and even dropping $30,000 a month on fancy wine.

In January, reported TMG accused Depp of allegedly financing his lavish lifestyle through loans.

Depp argued that borrowing loans did not prove that he was living an extravagant lifestyle as alleged, but rather he was forced into this situation due to TMG failing to properly manage his finances for 17 years.

A spokesperson for Depp said on Monday that the actor was ‘pleased’ with the confidential agreement reached with The Management Group, the company that handled his business affairs for nearly two decades.

‘The lawsuit taken out against The Management Group — and the subsequent settlement — is a further demonstration that Johnny is determined to take firm action to protect his personal and artistic reputation in the interests of his family and his career,’ Depp’s spokesperson said in the statement announcing the deal.

According to the magazine Rolling Stone, Depp’s estimated $650-million fortune has nearly all evaporated.

Depp and actress Amber Heard, 32, reached an out-of-court settlement in 2016 to end their 18-month marriage, agreeing that he would pay her $7 million.


  CREDIT: DailyMail

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