YOU Dare Not Forget #ManInthebox



Of course, you cannot forget the #ManInTheBox any time soon. For four days in May, we were surprised to see a man working in a billboard-styled box along the Victoria Island/Lekki Expressway.

As it turned out, the man signified MTN Nigeria and how they work round the clock to give us unconventional business solutions.

So, for 10 weeks, seventy-nine SMEs around the country got to showcase their businesses in the box and the stories we’ve heard have been amazing!

Mark Dibia of Proverbs Creations explained after getting his sandals into the box the feedback has been ‘wow’ and it has really been interesting
Melia’s (a clothing brand) owner, Jadesola Rawa, shared that after her designs spent a day in the box she wanted them back in! She woke up the next morning and she wouldn’t stop getting calls!

So many success stories buzzing around.

And now that the box has been moved (yup, it’s no longer along the Lekki/Epe Expressway), MTN Nigeria is shifting full focus on the SMES, organisations in the public and private sectors as well as corporations.

Plus, we’ve seen #ManInTheBoxSequel on MTN Nigeria’s social media pages and we can’t wait to see what they have planned.

A sequel will be the bomb!

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