Daily Archive: November 3, 2018


SELF Care Advice For Long-Term Pain Management 

COPING with chronic pain can be difficult and often puts a strain on daily living. Here are some tips to help control pain.   Consider counselling: Speak to a professional can help ease the pain you feel. Counsellor can...


PAT Utomi And Politics Of Bitterness

      Wilson Okonkwo   c   FOR many years, some of us, watching from the sidelines, took Utomi very seriously because of his knowledge and power of elocution. He identified with every...


DELTA 2019: Why Okowa Remains The Viable Option

  Charles Okogene DELTA State stands on a tripod. This presupposes that Deltans all over the world are obsessively and consciously aware of their cultural diversity as a people. Over the years, this reality...