NIGERIAN Professionals In Las Vagas Clamour For Atiku/Obi

Cross section of the professionals
PHOTO: Prince Ike



WHILE Alhaji Abubar Atiku and the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in faraway Dubai plotting how to win next year’s election, a group of Nigerians that goes by the name, Nigerian Professionals in Las Vagas, have thrown the weight behind his candidature and that of Peter Obi.

The group made up of medical doctors and other professionals are of the view that the current state of Nigeria’s unemployment rate of 20% as published by Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), increase in suicides rate, deficit in power, healthcare, agriculture and security have all reached an all high rate.

According to one of its members, Dr. Dolue Ezeanochie, who runs Apex Medical Center, one of the top medical outfits owned by an African in Nevada “the high level of division in Nigeria and upsurge in ethnic killings continue to be some of the most visible news coming from Nigeria to the United States.”

The meet and greet was hosted by the Egus – Dr. Chinyere Okeke (nee Egu), Medical Director of Grand Desert Medical Services, Dr. Oby Eke and Kelechi Eke at Chinyere’s palatial homen.

Nigeria’s top professionals in the medical, legal, finance and other fields, who are so concerned about the state of the Nigerian were present to discuss the way forward and how they can contribute to the imminent turn around of Africa’s most populous nation.

As guest speaker, Hon Greg Egu, stressed the importance of diaspora Nigerians, whose financial remittances have been the major back bone of Nigerians back home.
He said “Your influence on the people you support with money back home will be a major asset, since you can easily influence more people back home to vote for candidates you believe in.” He urged them to take more interest in and participate more in Nigerian politics.

Burning issues on their mind were the re-structuring of Nigeria, free and fair 2019 elections. The issue of restructuring Nigeria is of interest to majority with the hope that devolution of powers to the states and local governments will create more sources of income for the country as a whole, instead of the total dependence on oil, states will be forced to develop other sources of income.

“His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, has been favorable to the restructuring of Nigeria” said Egu, while fielding questions. “As a northerner and businessman with interest in many states across the country, he is one of the most liberal politicians in Nigeria. His clamor for restructuring dates back to 15 years ago. He understands the need, so that more states’ can get to develop its resources instead of waiting for monthly allocations from Abuja”
Egu emphasized that this system is working perfectly well in the US, where the states and counties are in charge of education, agriculture, power and others, while the federal government is saddled with few things like security, customs, immigration, interventions and a few others.

However, skepticism were expressed by some of those present, concerning how Atiku intends to achieve this considering the opposition to restructuring from some quarters.

“ The northwest politicians have always been the ones who instigate this opposition for restructuring by the north,” continued Egu. “ But a good leader will further educate them on the many positive gains the devolution of power from the center to the operating units will bring in a proper federal system. Atiku intends to reach out to all the stake holders, from the moment he gets into office. He believes that is a legacy he will leave for Nigeria for ever”

Hon Egu assured the professionals that Atiku with his success in business over the past 35 years will turn Nigeria’s economy around.

“His choice of former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi as his running mate is premised on Obi’s track record as a pragmatic, result oriented person, who will bring a lot of experience to bear on the economic team, the way the presidential candidate made great choices of Nigerians in the Diaspora when he was vice president to former President Olusegiun Obasanjo”

The meet and greet had a number of top Nigerian professionals in Las Vegas in attendance, including Dr. & Dr. (Mrs.) Nwokike, who own Oases Health Institutes, Dr. Oby Eke, Kelechi Eke, Ike Smarty ( Publisher Africa Informer) and others.

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