SELF Care Advice For Long-Term Pain Management 

COPING with chronic pain can be difficult and often puts a strain on daily living. Here are some tips to help control pain.  

  1. Consider counselling: Speak to a professional can help ease the pain you feel. Counsellor can offer useful advice on how to manage painful condition. They may even refer you to a specialist if they believe your condition is severe enough; that is to an extent that it is significantly hindering normal day-to-day function. 
  2. Seek diversions: Distracting yourself with recreational activities such as reading, gardening can be a handy way to deal with pain. It is important that these activities are not strenuous so as to not exacerbate your condition. Ideally you should engage in activity that you find enjoyable and reasonably challenging; this is the best way to ensure your attention is shifted away from the pain.  
  3. Find out more about your pain: Reading up on your pain can help with managing your condition. Make sure to seek information from reliable sources. If in need of advice about where to get information about your condition you may want to speak to health workers in clinics and pharmacies. 
  4. Talk to others about your pain: Speaking with other people, particularly those in a similar position as yourself, can significantly help combat pain. This may be done informally by talking to friends and family or more formally through courses.  

Self-management for long-term pain is not always easy. If in need of further guidance, be sure to speak to your doctor.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

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