HOW Working Out Helps The Brain 


STUDIES suggest that sessions of physical exercise have positive effects on the brain. Not only do these emerge right after a workout but these effects can be long-lasting. It is thought that as the brain is a muscle it benefits from physical training like other muscles in the body, for instance, the heart- we can not only gain cardiovascular health benefits but mental health benefits from workout sessions. 

It is not entirely understood how this occurs. Some research supports the idea that enhancing physical stamina can slow cognitive impairment that can be attributed to the ageing process. It is thought that on a basic level exercise improves brain circulation; causing a rush of nutrient-rich blood to be supplied to the brain and toxins to be cleared out. Studies also indicate that exercise leads to the production of energy-generating mitochondria in cells which causes mental alertness. Furthermore, physical activity is linked to increase in brain matter which is particularly thought to boost memory and increase behaviours that leads to achieving goals. 

Even moderate-intensity exercise is beneficial. A regimen of 30minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week can have wide-ranging benefits from improving concentration and calming down nerves. Studies show that exercise is comparable to some medication (and may be used as adjunct treatment) in the management of disorders such as depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is thought to be due to its ability to lift one’s mood and enhance executive function. 

Overall, I hope to have convinced you that the benefits of exercise are too important to ignore. Pick an activity you enjoy and get started! 


Source: Wikipedia Commons

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