SIX Reasons You Should Not Abuse Alcohol 

DRINKING alcohol in moderation, often advocated for by health workers, can be considered a crucial part of overall health. We can run into problems when we overindulge in alcohol. Overindulgence in alcohol may be driven by the urge to get away from real life issues such as work and relationship matters.  This is problematic for several reasons some of which are explored below: 

  1. It can set you back financially: Alcohol is a relatively expensive commodity. Downing a few bottles a day may not seem like much, however, over the long run, this can make a significant dent to your pocket. The monetary savings that can be made with responsible alcohol consumption is a top reason to avoid alcohol abuse. 
  2. It can increase the chances of engaging in risky behaviour: It is thought that drinking alcohol can impair the decision-making regions of the body. This is believed to contribute to the impulsive decision-making that can be observed in those who abuse alcohol. 
  3. If you are pregnant it may affect your unborn child: A range of issues may arise in a baby born to a mother who abuses alcohol. This is medically termed Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. It is thus advisable that pregnant women follow health advice for alcohol consumption. 
  4. It can mar your reputation: Alcohol abuse can affect your relationship with family and friends and is generally frowned upon by society. People are likely to think of those who misuse alcohol as irresponsible. This may mean those who misuse alcohol are often treated as social outcasts.  
  5. It can lead to a dangerous habit that is difficult to quit: Alcohol misuse can quickly lead to alcohol dependence and addiction. These are often more difficult to manage and may call for specialist treatment.  
  6. It can harm physical health: Alcohol is believed to wreak havoc on many of the organs in the body especially the liver. It is thought that for this reason, those who battle with alcohol misuse may have a lowered life expectancy. 

If you regularly drink over the recommended drinking guidelines and find that this has a negative impact on your life you may find it beneficial to seek health advice from a doctor or pharmacist on how to beat this habit.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

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