TWELVE Easy Ways To Get Physical Exercise – Part 1

Physical exercise is an important aspect of staying fit and healthy. But it can, however, be difficult to make the time to do significant exercise if you have a busy schedule. The following are some ways you can incorporate physical exercise in your routine. 

  1. Take the stairs: It can often be easy to make excuse why not to take the stairs. However, this is only doing yourself a disservice. Instead quit the dilly-dallying and take stairs where possible. This is an opportunity to strengthen your leg muscles. Be careful though so you don’t come tumbling down the staircase. 
  2. Stand up often: Avoid sitting down for prolonged periods of time as this is linked to significant health problems like obesity and cardiovascular diseases. So when you can, cut down your time sitting by, for example, standing while working or watching television. 
  3. Park farther from the entrance to where you are going: This can be a few meters away and immediately you have yourself a good cardiovascular exercise.   
  4. Get off a few bus stops from where you are going: This a great opportunity to cut down the length of time you are sitting down for and keeps you active as you peddle down the street. 
  5. Volunteer: Have some free time? Why not take the opportunity to help out someone in need. This can be an excellent way to stay fit whilst doing some good.
  6. Pace while taking a phone call: Rather than sit down and talk, why not walk from place to place as you answer your phone call. 

    Source: Wikipedia Commons

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