HOLLYWOOD Star Actor Hospitalized

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Gerard Butler visits the BUILD Series in New York City on Oct. 22, 2018.

By Mark Gray

Gerard Butler has been hospitalized in the Dominican Republic due to extreme abdominal pain, according to local reports.Publications Pop & Arte and graficas.com both reported that the actor sought medical care in Santo Domingo after three days of excruciating stomach pains. Gerard is in stable condition and is expected to be discharged soon.

The reports claim doctors initially suspected appendicitis as the cause of the pain, but tests revealed that he was actually suffering from diverticulitis, a digestive condition in which small pockets to develop in the lining of the large intestine.Gerard has been in the Caribbean for several weeks, having recently visited Haiti to promote Mary’s Meals, which aims to feed school children from some of the poorest country’s in the world.

The Daily Mail noted that Mary’s Meals feeds more than 40,000 children every day in Haiti alone.

Gerard has had a tough stretch of late. On Nov. 11, he shared a photo of the remains of his truck, which was burned during the Southern California wildfires. His home was partially damaged, as well.

“What an eventful couple of weeks. Been cheered up to no end by these beautiful souls who despite living in a country that has gone through so much hardship, have nothing but love to give. A real lesson for me right now,” he wrote. “So pleased to be in Haiti with @MarysMeals visiting schools to see the wonderful work they do. Communities are transformed by what @MarysMeals does to feed children in a place of education. It’s such a simple idea that works really well. I’ve seen it in action in Liberia, and now Haiti.”


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