Samson Ogbole Takes Centre Stage On Glo-sponsored African Voices

The Glo-sponsored African Voices on Cable News Network (CNN) will this week profile three bourgeoning nature enthusiasts from Africa. 

Globacom, in a press statement in Lagos on Friday, stated that viewers across the globe will have the opportunity of seeing Samson Ogbole, a specialized farmer from Nigeria, a South African bird guide and flying creatures’ specialist, Junior Gabela and Angus Paul, a Fisherman from Kenya.


Samson Ogbole’s vision is to ensure that humans “eat right, live longer” as well as “ensure food is the drug we eat to live healthier and longer. He grows crops without using soil, using hydroponics (plants in water), aquaponics (using waste produce of fishes to feed plants) and aeroponics (plants growing in air) which ensures that crops are grown all year round.


He anchored his research on the premise that the future of health can only be secured if it is built on agricultural practices that are healthy for the farmer, healthy for the consumer and healthy for the environment. 


He says plants grown without soil have higher phytochemicals and antioxidants compared to those grown in soil. His intervention may just be the right step for agricultural development in Nigeria. Already, there are aeroponics farms in Ibadan, Abuja, Umudike in Abia State and Araromi Ake in Ogun State.


On his own part, Gabela is an expert with all the small “Little Brown Jobs” and also knows the best locations for the localised Green Barbet. He has a quiet passion for birding and an uncanny knack of locating even the most hard to find species. He works with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) where he undertakes researches and participates in school outreach programmes; in addition, he has been a Birdlife South Africa accredited guide since 2005.


The third guest on the programme, Angus Paul, a deep-sea fisherman, is from Kenya. His ambition from childhood is to be a fisherman and he currently heads the family business of fishing and sports-fishing.


Paul grew up on the North coast of Kenya where he was fortunate to have world-class bill fish fishing right on his doorstep.  He acknowledged the influence of the location when he said It also helped that my family ran one of the few charter companies in the region at the time. There were no favours offered, and I did my training through the ranks like everyone else and became a skipper more than 30 years ago’’,

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