THE Dangers Of Cystitis 

Cystitis refers to the inflammation of the urethra (picture of urethra) which is often caused by a bacterial infection. It more commonly affects women due to the anatomy of the urinogenitals (ie the closeness of the anus, urethra and vagina). The bacteria may be transferred during the insertion of tampons, wiping the anus and sexual intercourse.  

The symptoms commonly associated with cystitis include the urge to pass urine frequently with the feeling of burning, pain. There may also be blood in the urine, fever, pain in the lower abdomen and feeling of being unwell. 

An attack of cystitis may be treated with antibiotics. Products containing potassium and sodium salts may also be given to make passing urine less painful by making urine less acidic to reduce burning sensation and reduce the growth of bacteria.  

If affected by cystitis be sure to drink lots of fluids. However, try and avoid taking alcohol and caffeine – this may irritate the bladder. Also, be sure to practice good hygiene by wiping from front to back. Cleansing and urinating after sexual intercourse may help avoid infection. Urinate when needed – avoid ignoring the urge to urinate. 

If you still experience symptoms after 2 days, be sure to speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Source: Wikipedia Commons


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