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kosoko… One of the casts in Power of 1
PHOTO: Daily Post

By  Adaeze Anaekwe

‘There is a story here’ – those were the words I kept saying to myself while watching. It’s deep and thought provoking. If you have ever been in a position of losing a family member just because you are fighting for truth and justice then you might shed a tear or two. I am proud to be a part of a generation that tries to tell stories different from the norm. –

I know you all might say, “it’s Alexx so her review will be bias”, well, I am not here to change your mind but be rest assured that Power of 1 is a movie that awakens the social consciousness of every Nigerian. It is a silent noise that screams to the soul. It speaks on the importance of individuality and togetherness. A positively told story with extreme believability. The ‘Power of 1′ aims to promote the belief that one person’s affirmative action can deliver positive outcomes and challenge young Nigerians to embrace the responsibility of fixing Nigeria one challenge at a time.


Kudos to all the actors! Thanks for bringing your best and not being too extra. So natural and real. Alexx Ekubo and @annieidibia1 thanks for that beautiful and believable chemistry, everyone felt at home with it. To Alexx Ekubo I must confess you really outdid yourself here. Thanks for always using your special gifts – high sense of humour and facial expression – to tell this story. And that scene at the bathroom..oh🙉 super emotional 😭 THE METHOD ACTOR! @ramseynouah and Michelle Dede extraordinary managers! Cat and dog! 😂🤣 _

One feature that also stands the movie out is it powerful and original soundtrack. KELLY HANSOME @official2baba @nosaalways @soundsultan @timidakolo Cobhams Asuquo thanks for stirring our emotions with such beautiful renditions. It was breath of fresh air!

Though I felt that some scenes were too dragged and some scenes would have played out better, all in all the story was well thought out!! Great message passed! It’s a voice for the voiceless! It’s a movie for matured minds! It causes your brain to think in a different direction! It is the answer we have been looking for! It raises dust! It’s not your regular movie! It’s Power of 1 and it is designed to inspire.

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