What you should know about threadworms!

Threadworms are worms that can parasitically invade the bowel. They can commonly be found in colder climates. An infection typically affects children. Symptoms include itching around the anus (caused by the female threadworm laying eggs), fatigue, excreting worms amongst others. They are often passed by nail biting and eating contaminated food. 

How to avoid an infection 

  • In the morning, wash the anus  
  • Stop nail biting 
  • Do not share towels 
  • Wash the hands thoroughly 
  • Avoid scratching the anus 
  • Wear well-fighting underwear at night 
  • Replace underwear every morning 
  • Clean the floors thoroughly 
  • Clean and replace clothes, bedding and towels everyday 
  • Clean toys regularly 

How to treat threadworms 

Threadworms are highly contagious and should be treated with care. The entire household should often be treated where one person has become infected. Re-infection is also common so threadworms treatment should be repeated after about two weeks. Anthelminthics such as mebendazole is the common treatment for threadworms. Ask you pharmacist or doctor if you need advice on how this can be used. 

Source: Wikipedia Commons


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