NICOLE Haire, a Canadian, on a mission to see African wedding, talks about Nigeria



By Charles Okogene



Nicole and Emma
PHOTO: Nicole Haire

HER mission was to witness African wedding; and when that opportunity came her way, she grabbed it with both hands when her platonic friend, Emma Gentle, invited her to his wedding that took place in Ipaja area of Lagos State.


For Ms. Nicole Haire, a Canadian based in Qatar where she coordinates a Canadian school in Doha, the journey to experience that her long life ambition/mission of seeing African wedding, started on December 22 2018 when she landed in Lagos from Doha.


And on January 4, 2018, Nicole witnessed enough of African wedding when Emma (her host) and his sweet heart, were joined together in an African wedding which preceded the white wedding held at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Ipaja.


But beyond fulfilling her ambition of witnessing the wedding, especially the traditional African wedding, Nicole also took time off to speak about her impression of Nigeria, which she said she was visiting for the first time.


Though, she said that all that the Western media reports that tend to colour Africa bad had never made any impression on her partly because of the true state of things as told her by Emma and his fellow Nigerian friends in Doha and then her visit to Nigeria has completely wiped out any negative belief she harboured about Nigeria.


“My stay here has afforded me the opportunity to know that your people are good people. That Nigerians are hospitable people. That the stories in the media out there are not completely true,” Nicole said.


However, Nicole as she would like to be called, is not happy about the state of Nigeria’s infrastructure especially roads and the epileptic nature of electricity supply (which the present government is battling to upgrade), has this to say “the roads are bad. There is always power outage. You have bad leaders. This is what cannot happen in North America. Even with all that, I love it here. How I wish I can be adopted here. Anyway Emma’s family members have adopted me.”


Nicole who was all eyes at the wedding reception held at Amen Event Centre, Abesan, Ipaja because of how she mixed and danced freely to Nigerian music as played by the DJ continued, “I love Nigerian music. Though, I cannot pronounce the names of the musicians, Emma and his group of friends exposed me so much of Nigerian  music back in Qatar that I have so many of them in my phone.”


When asked of the impression that Nigerians are crooks and scammers she said, “let no one fool you, there are criminals everywhere, even in my native North America. The Nigerians I have come in contact with even here in Doha, are good people”


She went further to tell a story of how people advised her to be careful of Emma that he might be warming himself into her.

“And my answer to them then had always been ‘Emma is a decent Christian of Catholic faith like me. He is not interested in a Caucasian woman that will help him. He loves his country so much and you can see that he came to marry his own country woman who is a medical student in America.”

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