DAY Ajayi Shutdown LITFC For Buhari

IN continuation of the ‘one woman’ rally she has embarked upon in support of President Muhammand Buhari’s reelection on Saturday, February 16 2019, Chief (Mrs) Lucy Omosefe-Ajayi, last Thursday, February 7, 2019 pulled a fast one on the president as she single handed, out of her pocket, organised a presidential rally at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex (LITFC).
Chief Omosefe-Ajayi who is also the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of LITFC had earlier organised a similar rally in Kosofe (Mile 12) area of Lagos, where she told  her listeners the reasons they should vote PMB on February 16 and Sanwa-Olu on Saturday March 2, 2019.

The trade fair rally was to sensitise stakeholders in the Complex as to why they should give the president another four years

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