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TOP Reasons To Avoid Physical Inactivity

BELOW are some top reasons why you should not stay idle. Engaging in physical exercise is linked to many benefits. The benefits are not ranked in any particular order.   Physical inactivity is linked to worse health outcome  Corrects bad...

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ROLE Of Dietary Supplements In Nutrition 

  DIETARY supplements are principally used to increase ones intake of substances that have been associated with biological effects through addition to the diet. They are widely considered to include minerals, vitamins, fibre, amino acids or fatty...


OBJ Goes For Check-Up In Bayelsa

BAYELSA  State’s extraordinary strides in provision of healthcare facilities receives presidential endorsement on Tuesday as former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo undergoes medical check at the modern, state-of-the-art Bayelsa Diagnostic Centre and the Bayelsa Specialist...

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COMMON Barriers To Family Planning 

FAMILY planning is a term commonly used to refer to methods employed for managing the number ad interval between offspring born to a family. It is typically influenced by career considerations, marital status, financial position...